Uncover The Best Air Conditioning Repair Company in Denver

With the ever increasing hot temperatures, opting to stay indoors has become the choice of many. They, however, rely solely on the air conditioning unit to keep their homes cool during the hot summer season. It will work to your benefit to have an air conditioning unit that is functioning to its capacity and utmost efficiency too. The efficiency of your air conditioner will, however, depend on the maintenance and repair measures you have put in place.
With more of the focus on repairs, it is highly imperative to have the best air conditioner repair service company troubleshoot, and then fix your air conditioner as soon as you think you might have a problem with it. This ensures that your comfort, convenience, and your central AC operation costs remain optimum and reasonable.
But how do you pick a good AC repair service, considering the many HVAC companies that operate in Denver, Colorado? Below are some helpful tips to consider on how to pick the best air conditioning repair service so that your selection process is less daunting.

1. Consider Insurance, Registration, and Licensing
The company you have on your list of potential contractors for air conditioning repairs should be properly licensed and registered with the relevant local authorities. This is a sure sign of credibility and reliability, and that any type of contract you sign with them is legally binding. They should also have adequate insurance, including worker’s compensation and commercial liability coverage, which protect both the parties in case things go south during the air conditioning repair service; say if a technician is injured, or your property gets damaged.

2. Experience and Neatness
For any home repairs, the company you choose should not only experienced but also clean and neat in the way they provide their services. You do not want to work with a company whose technicians leave litter and messes all around your property once the job is done. Pick an air conditioning repair service company that will clean up after themselves. Also, it is good to have a company that has experienced in the specific type of central air conditioner you need repairs for, and can go beyond what is in the contract in the idea of customer satisfaction.

3. Look For Positive Testimonials and References
Once you have a list of insured, licensed, certified, and experienced companies, it’s then time to cross some of them off your list on the basis of reputation in the industry. The air conditioning repair company you decide to hire should be well known for providing the best services in town. Also, they should have plenty of positive reviews and consumer testimonials online. Be sure to check some of these reviews from reputed websites such as the BBB, Yelp, and Google reviews.

As part of our research for this article, we spoke with one of the managers at Altitude Comfort, an air conditioning repair company in Denver. They have more 5-star customer reviews online than any other heating and air conditioning company in Denver, Colorado. According to the manager we spoke with, their focus on delivering outstanding customer service is what results in so many customers posting positive reviews for them online.

4. Consider Their Costs
A great deal of research must be done before contacting an air conditioning repair company. This will help you in comparing costs from the many repair service company out there. If you find one that gives you fair costs. You should get value for your money; therefore, the cost of every aspect of this service is easier to justify. However, be careful of low service rates offered by some companies. This has been shown to be a way of attracting customers with a bait and switch scam.

You may pay low a service fee upfront, but you will pay dearly for repair services. Remember to consider repair warranties as well. Additionally, always be on the lookout to avoid common HVAC scams and avoid shoddy contractors that tell you things like your air conditioning unit is oversized, or recommend frequent tune-ups and other scams according to Ryan Gavin.


How Timing Affects Air Conditioning Repair

In almost a similar manner as to how your refrigerator works to keep things cool, your central air conditioning system is composed of various components that help keep your home cool during the extremely hot seasons . How well the air conditioner is maintained in terms of servicing and repairs is the key factor in ensuring that the unit’s performance and efficiency are not tampered with. This is an area where most home owners and commercial property owners don’t take full interest.

For your central air conditioner to give you the best results in terms of reliability, operational efficiency, energy efficiency and a lengthened lifetime, a lot of care, regular checks, correct diagnosis and repairs must be observed. This piece is going to shed some light on the importance of timing when calling for air conditioner repair. Planning ahead and arranging for maintenance schedules is a sure way of protecting your investment in air conditioning. Here are 3 important reasons why timing is vital when calling for air conditioning repair.

1. Timely Repairs Boost Your System’s Longevity
Most HVAC equipment is said to have a useful lifetime period of between 10 and 15 years cooling your home or building effectively. However, this life expectancy is only a guarantee depending on how you will take care of your AC. It would be unprofitable and a misfortune for your AC to fail in the very few first years of purchase. There are factors that affect longevity of your AC, which include variation of climatic conditions as well as the lack of proper care and maintenance. All the same, most homeowners forget that delaying on repairing your AC is a sure way of condemning your AC to a shorter lifespan. Timely air conditioner repairs and proper maintenance will also reduce the need for major repairs that can arise from negligence.

2. Timely Repairs Can Lower Repair and Operational Costs
Most types of operating mechanical units are prone to the wear and tear process, and so is the air conditioner. The longer you are going to wait before calling for air conditioning repair, is what determines the extent of damage on your system. For instance, if you realize that your air conditioner is emitting foul smell, it should hit you that most probably the AC filters are clogged and require cleaning or replacement. If you take longer to change the filters, it will choke your air conditioner to a mechanical halt. This will be very important in improving the energy consumption because timely repairs improve air conditioning energy efficiency and you will have lowered utility bills. On the other hand, neglected or postponed air conditioning repairs will increase you overall operational and energy costs.

3. Timely Repairs Ensure Your Comfort Health
Comfort is actually the main reason of having an air conditioner unit installed in your home. There are times of the year when temperatures escalate to unbearable levels depending on the seasons. What’s better than feeling safe and comfortable in your home or in the workplace? Timely diagnosis and fixing of your AC will ensure that your safety and comfort is uncompromised during the extreme weather seasons. An air conditioner that is inefficient in providing you with cool air during the hotter days will jeopardize your comfort and the health of your indoor air quality. Schedule early enough for maintenance or repair and avoiding postponing repairs to when summer is just around the corner.


Secrets Air Conditioning Repair Contractors Won’t Tell You

The heating, ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC) is one of the most important units a property or homeowner can have. An effectively functioning central air conditioner is quite essential as far as your home cooling and indoor comfort is concerned. It is an investment worth caring for and needs total attention in relation to maintenance as well as prompt repairs. The efficiency of your air conditioner, therefore, highly depends on the company you hire for the maintenance and repair.

It is necessary that before the final contract is signed, questions be raised from you in regards to the services you expect them to offer. A lot of caution, therefore, must be exercised when looking for a central AC repair service company; this is following the many HVAC scams being reported every day. Below are some secrets that air conditioning and repair companies won’t tell you.

1. Repair and Replacement of AC Parts
Be cautious whenever an air conditioner repair technician recommends that a part of your air conditioning system needs replacing. This could be one of those air condition repair scams often used to rip off homeowners of their hard-earned money. To avoid this, it would be advisable to first seek other viable opinions unless you really trust your contractor. Ask questions like, why it is of importance to replace the said part or ask for alternatives. It would also be a good idea to seek a different opinion from another HVAC company before deciding to do so.

2. The Size of your Home Matters
Before installing the air conditioner in your house, your home’s size is one of the key factors in determining the type of air conditioning system. AC systems are not designed to be universal for all the home sizes. Most of the air conditioning repair service companies will not advise appropriately where matters size is concerned. For the effective and efficient cooling or even warming up your home in the case of combined HVAC systems, your AC unit must be of the right size and capacity to meet your cooling needs. If for instance, you install a small air conditioner in a bigger house, you will notice that your AC unit has rapid cycles due to short cycling, in which the system turns on and off repeatedly. This is one of the causes of higher energy bills.

3. Beware Of Low-Cost Offers
You need to be careful when accepting low-cost inspection offers that seem to be ridiculously untrue. But how cheap is the cheap or low cost when it comes to air conditioning repair? Your company needs to tell you why they are charging you five times lower the rest for the same type of repair. Whenever you have issues to do with repairs on your HVAC system, it is advised that you do a comprehensive research of HVAC companies out there before selecting one to work with, regardless of the discounts and coupons they may be having.

4. Always Get a Written Agreement
Most of the air conditioning repair companies out there will not tell you of the importance of signing those written agreements. To avoid cases like getting overcharged or overpriced, sign the written agreements. Mishaps do happen along the way, you need to sue but you are cut shot for lack of written agreement. In simpler terms, have the services provided by the company in writing before putting your trust on them.

The only way you will know for sure that you have landed on the right AC repair services is when they tell you like it is. As the AC industry keeps growing, so are the HVAC scams you should avoid. It is good to always be on the lookout for those contractors willing to do anything to reap you of your hard earned money.


Inside Scoop On Air Conditioning Repair

The central air conditioner is one of the most common home cooling options, especially for larger households and multi-roomed commercial buildings. The main objective of the central Ac is to cool the air around your home providing you with a sense of comfort. Therefore having the knowledge of how your central air conditioning unit functions along with some information regarding repair and maintenance is crucial.

In other words, it is important to know what is required from you as the property owner as far as proper maintenance and timely repairs are concerned when it comes to the central air conditioning. Below are some important pointers on central air conditioning repair, along with how the central AC works, and some DIY tips on repair and maintenance of the same.

How Central Air Conditioning Works
To start with, it would be imperative to know and understand the various components of a central air conditioning unit. The two major components of a central AC are the condenser and the evaporator. Just besides the evaporator is the evaporator coil and the air blowers that are all housed together and are located inside the house in a specific designation.

The condenser is in most cases located outside the house. The central air conditioner in some instances is found working hand in hand with your furnace with the sole purpose of warming your house. Some central air conditioner makes that come equipped with a heating element to provide warmth in your home. The central air conditioner connects to a duct system that helps distribute air throughout your home. The fan and the air blower will provide circulation in drawing and in distribution of already conditioned air throughout your home.

Repair and Maintenance
With this type of air conditioning, proper training and experience is required for any HVAC expert in the business of air conditioning repair, installation, and maintenance. It is a more complicated unit as the evaporator and condenser are housed in separately sealed compartments. One must also be equipped with the required special tools for the job. Of course, there are various types of central Ac systems according to Consumer Reports.

However, proper timing in scheduling annual inspection, cleaning, and adjustments are some of the key factors in ensuring that the utmost efficiency and brilliant performance of unit is maintained. As far as central air conditioning repair and maintenance are concerned, choosing the right contractor for the job is important. Your contractor should be knowledgeable in this area of expertise, licensed, insured and experienced. Your contractor should provide reference numbers to prove authenticity. They also should be timely and clean in performing the task provided.

Importance of Prompt Repair and Maintenance
Having annual preventive maintenance and prompt central air conditioning repairs is important in the following ways:
> Will ensure peak performance
> Will help you in detecting potential equipment failures in the future
> Will increase energy efficiency
> You will have a piece of mind
> Will increase your systems lifetime

DIY Tips
Given the delicate repair process involved in the maintenance of a central air conditioning unit, there are some few tips that can be useful to any homeowner in caring for the AC unit. Here are some basic repair procedures one can perform.
> Changing the air filters
> Changing blown fuses on the circuit breakers
> Re-tuning the thermostat
> Cleaning the evaporator coils
> Cleaning the condenser

Having the condenser located outside the house, regular cleaning is important in removing vegetation, dirt, and debris. If the condenser becomes clogged, it may impede the flow of air to the compressor, this would in turn cause the compressor to overheat and cause the unit to cease. All the same, the above DIY tips are the least you can do. Always remember to hire an experienced HVAC company/contractor and scrutinize their expertise by asking the right questions, before making a decision on whom to work with for central air conditioning repairs.


5 Attributes Of A Good Air Conditioning Repair Company

There are more options when it comes to air conditioning repair service companies than some few years back, this is to sustain the demands of air conditioning services. There are, however, within the unending list, companies that fail to deliver quality services and accountability. The question in your mind is, how can you tell that so and so is a reliable HVAC company or contractor? Well, the answer is simple; you can only do so if you know what’s in a good air conditioning repair Service Company so read the pointers below carefully.

1. Adequate Training and Experience
A good air conditioning repair service company should have trained and qualified personnel to meet the demands of an ever-changing technological era. You will be at ease knowing that your air conditioning unit is being handled by highly experienced professionals who’ve been in the industry for more than just a few years.

2. Full Licensed and Proper Insurance Coverage
Your air conditioning unit is one of the most expensive systems in your home. This makes it crucial to work with a company that is properly licensed and insured so that any form of liability is covered if a problem was to occur while repairing your AC. They should have insurance that covers other mishaps such as when an AC technician sustains an injury during the service call in your home or commercial building. They should also hold proper licensing, which gives a sense of credibility and assurance that you are working with qualified contractors.

3. Preventive Maintenance
Your goal is to have some savings left after an AC repair work. Your company should be able to provide you with regular affordable preventative maintenance. This brings down the costs of major repairs that your air conditioning unit would require with poor maintenance. You will also have an upper hand in noting problems before they occur.

4. Good Reputation
A reputable air conditioning repair company will have all the above qualities to go along with the name. If however what you hear or see is not even close to the qualities mentioned, think twice before you hire. A good air conditioner repair service company should have the best interests of its clients. Offering satisfying quality services should be at the company’s core priority. Lucky enough, there are many credible web directories you can search for reputable HVAC companies online.

5. Affordable Repair Services
Among the most important aspect of air conditioning repair services are the costs. The repair company should offer the most affordable repair costs. However, you need to take caution on repair companies that will offer very low costs but once the job is done, demand double the money you had agreed on. Watch out for AC repair scams when looking for an air conditioning repair service.


Remember that your air conditioner is the most important unit in your home. In addition to keeping your indoor space cooled and conditioned, it also determines the quality of air your family breathes. How well it is maintained repaired will determine your indoor air health. As a matter of fact, the EPA states that ventilation improvements are one of the ways to improve indoor air quality and comfort. The above key points will guide you in choosing the best air conditioner repair service company to help give your air conditioner quality repair services it deserves.